April 28, 2013

The Green Kitchen Project, recipe no.1

I am so in love with my newest cookbook, The Green Kitchen. As I wrote earlier I'd like to do what Julie did to Julia Child's cookbook (in the film Julie&Julia) with it. Cook it through and document it here. If I remember right Julie cooked a recipe per day but I'm thinking more like once a week or so and I'm propably not setting a particular day in a week either, at least not yet, to keep it fun and spontaneous.

I actually already kicked off the project when I last had Helena over for breakfast with Banana & Coconut Pancakes. Oh my goodness these are good.


(makes about 15)

3 ripe bananas
6 eggs
50g-75g shredded coconut
(150g blueberries)
0,5tsp ground cinnamon
coconut oil for frying

Mash the bananas with a fork. Beat the eggs lightly and add them and the rest of the ingredients. (I use about 75g of shredded coconut; the blog version of this recipe calls for 100g and the book version for 50g. I like using more than 50g because then the batter is thicker and so will the pancakes be.) I have now made these both with and without blueberries in the batter and I prefer having blueberries fresh on the side. Bake 3-4 pancakes at a time in a regular pan on medium heat (these burn easily). The Green Kitchen suggests maple syrup and/or plain yoghurt for serving; I serve these with fresh berries, maple syrup and quark.

I am very excited about this project; I'm sure there are plenty of amazing recipes in the book I would never try out otherwise (because you never really cook your cookbooks through, do you). The Green Kitchen also seems to be a perfect summertime cookbook and will definitely travel up north with me for July.

The Green Kitchen Project, here we go!

(photo by Helena Mackey)


  1. Voi miten sä saitkin näistä noin kauniita. Ootkohan löytänyt täydellisen pannukakun reseptin. Ootko ajatellut osallistua ravintolapäivään?
    -Pauliina K.

    1. No kun ikävä kyllä taitaa ehkä taas jäädä vaan haaveeksi, mmh. Tai ehkä nyt pitäis vaan ryhdistäytyä!

  2. Mä en ymmärrä, miten sait noista noin sieviä! Mun versiot hajos kymmeneen osaan, palo ja oli kuivia. Saat kyllä tehdä mulle noita joskus, haluan tietää, miten ne oikeesti toimii :)

  3. Päivi, great job! Just wondering, really no flour? Also would be good to know how much calories and fat there is. Thanks!

  4. Oh I forgot to ask, did you use butter or oil? Thanks! :)

    1. Hey Mary! Yep, no flour! Try and you'll see how wonderfully it works :) I don't count calories so unfortunately I won't be able to tell you how many there are in these. And I used coconut oil for frying. Lovely spring days to you!