August 12, 2015

I really love spinach crepes and, without really intending to, keep perfecting my recipe for them. For a long time I've also wanted to come up with a savory filling. Here's number one!

And ahoy, I'm flying to Berlin in a few hours! Happy days!


(serves 3-4)

300g frozen spinach, melted
200ml milk (I use oat/rice/almond)
3 eggs
200ml light spelt flour
1,5tsp salt
a good glob of oil
butter for frying

1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes
olive oil
a good handful almond flakes
a handful coriander, roughly chopped
a handful basil, roughly chopped
50-100g goat cheese feta or spreadable goat cheese

Cut the sweet potatoes in half lengthwise. Drizzle olive oil and salt and pepper on top and fry them in 200 decrees for 45-60min till they are soft. Fry the almond flakes on a dry pan, carefully mixing all the time so they won't burn, till they get a little color and smell toasted. When the sweet potatoes are ready, scoop the insides on to a plate, discarding the peels. Mash with a fork and fold the almond flakes and the herbs in and add salt, if needed.

Mix everything for the crepes together. Fry thin, large pancakes in lots of butter (butter makes the edges nice and crisp), tilting the pan to spread the batter. Fill each crepe with the sweet potato mix, either spreading goat cheese on the crepe first or sprinkling feta on top, and roll.