October 28, 2012

We had family brunch at Laura's and Jooel's today and the smallest one took three steps!

October 26, 2012

"In every place, all the time some stories happen. Just next to us, though usually we don't pay much attention to that. Places are filled with hundreds of emotions, thoughts, feelings. With joy, moments of carelessness, hope, laughter, sorrow, disappointment, despair. People meet, people part, people pass each other. Our ways are crossing. Are you sure that person you just met, you indeed see for the first time in your life? Maybe you already met, passed each other? Maybe you once touched his coat, felt ger smell? You don't remember this, but places do remember. Buildings, sculptures, trees, trains have been watching people for hundreds of years. How many people sat on this bench? How many kissed for the first time and how many for the last? How many emotions, thoughts, ideas were born here?"

Tanja Turpeinen/Memento Express

(Picture by Timo Hakkarainen, taken from Memento Express' facebook wall)

I went to see a performance tonight directed by a good friend of mine. It took place in an old railway carriage, beautifully and whimsically decorated. There was a perfect amount of drama, nostalgia, surprise, laughter and even tea and biscuits served. I cried through the songs and loved the painted view passing by our window. It was unlike any show I've seen, it was en embracing experience, a journey you took (I actually waited for the train to start moving as they announced it would be leaving) and lived through, remembering places and people. Thanks a million Tanja! I'm so proud of you and I love what pours out from your soul!

If you want to experience something very unique and beautiful, please go see this! (more info here)

This morning it was snowing as I cycled to work! I felt all exuberant (a word I've never used before but now it feels like just the right one) and sang Jingle bells and then had a very good time at work all day though there was a mad amount of laundry from yesterday's shows.

October 22, 2012

Monday morning! I got up early to do laundry and made rice porridge while waiting for the first load. (Boy it tastes comforting.) I also made pumpkin coconut muffins with a recipe from Green Kitchen Stories (for which I bought my first ever pumpkin yesterday! An exciting and very yummy recipe; next time I think I'm leaving the ginger out though and using a little more pumpkin. The hint of orange gives the muffins a really nice taste!) I love my roomie's bedding!

October 21, 2012

I dream of

my own breakfast café
a house with fruit trees in the garden
Africa and flamingos
a man who brings me flowers
days filled with music

October 14, 2012

I don't know many things that beat rye bread warm from the oven. (If you'd like to bake your own, tell me and I'll give you the recipe and the sourdough needed! And thanks a million Caro for mine!) I've also had a craving for mashed potatoes for quite some days and today I finally made some with meatballs. Ah. It's interesting how food has such an ability to comfort, bring back memories and inspire. I have so fallen in love with tastes, cooking, the magic of baking, cookbooks..

The autumn has been exceptionally packed and busy with two premieres and two weddings (Henna&Markus' and my sister's) but now it's all done and I'm back to normal schedule. It actually feels weird and a little empty. I feel I need something happening, something new..

October 6, 2012

The best thing lately, had me smiling for days: I went to my favorite café and was served by the guy who owns the place; we hadn't met in a while. "Where have you been?" he asked.

My sister is getting married today. I'm at home, listening to Diana Krall's Live in Paris, eating banana bread fresh from the oven (I'm mad about this bread, I'll post the recipe sooner or later!) drinking coffee and curling my hair. I am so ready to celebrate!