October 28, 2014


1) grace; that I was never even supposed to make it on my own
2) overnight oats (inspired by Green Kitchen Travels)
3) (73) The nearness of you by Loud Harp
4) friends and family who love me so well
5) the feeling that a new season is just around the corner

October 11, 2014

Not many at all have stolen my heart like she did on an ordinary day in South Africa seven years ago. There's something about Africa; it gets into your heart and never leaves. I wonder when (or whether) I'll be back. (I'm almost booking tickets every time The Kenyan Children's Project or Abide Family Center in Uganda post pictures of all them brown babies!)

October 5, 2014

Meet my new love: beetroot pesto. It works both on bread and as a dip. And also I finally got around to making this life-changing bread. So tasty, nutritious and supereasy to make! Happy Sunday folks!


(from Glorian ruoka&viini)

400g beetroots (you can use beetroots in vinegar or boil fresh beetroots and let them cool)
2 cloves of garlic
100g grated parmesan
100g cashewnuts
1 bunch of basil
about 100ml extra virgin olive oil
black pepper

Throw everything (but salt and pepper) in a food processor and mix until smooth. Season to taste.