April 21, 2013

Here's a new breakfast favorite:


(makes 5 frittatas in a muffin tray)

4 to 5 handfuls of fresh spinach
4 eggs
100ml whole milk
75ml freshly grated parmesan
2 heap tablespoons ricotta
a pinch black pepper
pea sprouts for garnish

Drain spinach and cook it in a dry frying pan for about a minute, turning frequently, until it wilts. Mix eggs, milk, cheeses, salt and pepper in a bowl (ricotta doesn't need to blend smoothly; clumps of it will be nice in the frittatas) and add spinach. Cut 5 squares of about 15x15cm of baking paper (I greased the papers with a little olive oil to make sure I'd get the frittatas out nicely) and put them in the holes of a muffin tray. Bake in 200 celsius for about 12-15 minutes. Garnish with pea sprouts.


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    1. Mietin just teitä ku laitoin tän reseptin tänne!

  2. Namsnamsnamssss, nämä oli herkullisia! Kiitos vielä Pävi! <3