April 7, 2013

My favorite blogs

Green Kitchen Stories
Mouth-watering recipes for healthy, vegetarian food. Beautiful pictures and heartfelt stories. They live my dream.

My sweet, sweet friend Helena shares her photography.

The Sprouted Kitchen
Whole, clean cooking that is about the food at hand. I so share their love for the kitchen and shared meals.

dive in
A collection of inspiring photos.

A blog I've been following for quite a while already on the colourful everyday life of James, Aubrey and their four children in Tennessee.

Kaikki mitä rakastin
I love Eeva's unpretentious and witty style in writing about simple, everyday things (like her relationship to her couch).

Kauhaa ja rakkautta
Eeva cooks fancy simply.

Sandra Juto
Lots of photo walks and coffee in Berlin.

Sincerely, Kinsey
A lovely serene atmosphere and beautiful photos and stories.

A Beautiful Mess
Inspiring DIY projects!