January 8, 2013

There's something about Africa that steals your heart. There's a deep-rooted joy you don't find anywhere else. And living so close to the earth. There are the smells, the sunrises.

I miss it all. And the thought of yet living in Africa for some time never really leaves me.

(The picture above was taken somewhere in South Africa in 2007 and the one below in Douenza, Mali in 2003, both on film.)

For two weeks or so now I've mainly just been lying on the couch, reading (Vanhan rouvan lokikirja by Kyllikki Villa), watching Jamie's 30 minute meals and cleaning closets. I'm happy I actually managed to spend the holiday with almost no planning ahead (and not entirely in the kitchen either!) Tomorrow it's goodbye holiday, hello work!


  1. I agree. And the people..Africa <3
    ihanat kuvat!

  2. Lovely, sounds like you´ve had a perfect holiday! For me, I was sick...:(
    I hope you can go one day soon! YOu should!
    I also really like the titel,