January 1, 2013

Hello, new year!

I woke up at twelve, had breakfast and stayed in bed until three finishing Kirjallinen piiri perunankuoripaistoksen ystäville (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann shaffer and Annie Barrows) that I got from Henna for my birthday. Such a lovely book! (And such a lovely way to start a day, haven't done it in ages. I'm on holiday and have absolutely no schedule for the coming I haven't counted how many days, ah. And I need it, the autumn was packed.)

I've often written a TOP 10 of the things I want to see happen in the coming year. (I love writing lists.) Now I don't know where to start and it feels a little weird — but I also think it's a good sign: I guess I'm more satisfied with where I'm at. And that's where I really want to be: present, here, today. I want to love and give all I can today. I want to expect less of myself and have more grace and let the Father's love sink deeper. I want to read more, lie on the couch more and keep dreaming big things.

I wish you all a happy, fulfilling year with loving people and adventures around you. I'll keep telling you about the things I love, the people, the moments, the places, the beauty. I hope you keep coming around and I hope you leave with something.

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  1. being in the present, that´s what I wish for this year too.