November 30, 2013

We talked about visual arts and photography with a friend of mine the other day (she's a painter). It's intriguing how you pour yourself in your art, how it's a channel of emotions, how your art reflects so much about you as it reveals how and what you see. I came to the conclusion that if I had to pick my all-time best photos it might have to be these two. In Koutiala, Mali, they were a colourful, big family on the YWAM base. She was from a western country, living there with her family, he was Malian. When I sat him down for this photo I saw this serious look for the first time; he was such a happy boy, but I was stoked because it was exactly what I'd wished for to pair with her photo. These are shot in the spring 2003 with a pocket film camera; I bought my first SLR camera when I settled in Oulu soon after that. It was around those times that I started to fall in love with photography.

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