October 30, 2013

A day can't be so bad that pannari wouldn't save it (Jamie's new Food Escapes in the mail also helped).


(finnish oven pancake)

500ml whole milk
2tbsp sugar
1tsp salt
2 organic eggs
200ml flour (sometimes I use about one fourth coarse spelt flour but really, plain wheat flour gives the best result here)
2tbsp melted butter

Whisk everything but cardamom together and let swell for 10 minutes. Cover an oven pan (mine was about 20x30cm and I love how thick the pancake gets) with baking paper. Pour the dough in and sprinkle cardamom on top. Bake in 225 celsius for about 40 minutes. The pancake will rise and swell alot in the oven but don't worry, it'll come down again. Pannari is best eaten a little chilled but still warm. I absolutely recommend homemade blueberry jam with this!

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