January 1, 2016

January / under blankets with the longest cold
February / dinner with little sis

March / he's one little a ball of energy
April / breakfast with my niece

May / the weekly crackers
June / family bbq

July / some of best people on earth over for lunch
August / my friends got married in Lammassaari

September / Shakshuka
October / view from my windowsill

November / Restaurant Day preparations
December / Christmas in the north

Lots of food and people, and a lifelong dream starting to come true; 2015 was a good year - with all the pain and all the beauty. My heart is full. There's so much hope and grace and so much to be thankful for. Whoa, God.


  1. Love this post! Makes my heart sing.

  2. Lovely pics from a lovely heart! Miss you!