June 14, 2015

I had overripe bananas lying around and I ended up making the best banana bread I've made so far (and I've made many!) Happy days.

BANANA BREAD (sugar-free)

230g light spelt flour
1tsp baking powder
0,25tsp baking soda
0,25tsp salt
0,25tsp cinnamon
3 very ripe bananas
100g coconut oil
80g honey
2 eggs

Mix the dry ingredients. In a separate bowl mash the bananas with a work and add coconut oil, honey and eggs and mix. Add the mixture to the dry ingredients and pour the batter into a bread tin greased with coconut oil or butter. Bake in 175 celsius for about 50 minutes. Let cool in the tin on wire rack for a while.

Try this toasted with almond butter on top, oh man!

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