November 14, 2014

Here are some glimpses from a lovely breakfast I was served a while back and from a trip to Lammassaari one sunny day.

There's good in life, always, however hard it might also be. There's always something good. Find it and embrace it! Concentrate on the good and try to laugh at the tougher things; they'll pass. (Later there'll be other things rising up against you - keep concentrating on the good stuff. And with everything you are lean on the love of God; from there you can face anything.)

I am also learning grace so much. That really, I was never even supposed to make it on my own. That in my weakness the perfect strength and goodness of God is at its best. I am learning (some days it feels so brutal) to accept that I am human and I make mistakes and fall short - but that it's ok. I'm good. I'm loved.