March 11, 2013

(I had a day-off, glorious. I went downtown and came home with this.)

It's a year since I started How she loves. I've had rewarding moments of creativity and many of wanting to just quit the whole thing. I'm happy you've found my blog and I'm very happy to know many like it here. I'll keep encouraging you to say hello as you come for I really like knowing who's around and what moves you. I want to give something and hearing from you makes it all worthwhile. Every little hello is a delight! (I might have some regular features in the future, we'll see. Contents will however not change; it'll be people, the kitchen, dreams, the beautiful in life.)


  1. Hello <3 Ihana kuva! Ja ihania juttuja! Miten sä saat kaikki näyttämään niiin hyvältä! x

  2. Hej!
    I love your blog, it´s beautiful and poetic, it inspires me. Actually so much so I started my own... :)
    Please, have a look..

    1. oh, I love to inspire! One of the best things in life!