February 11, 2013

I came home from work, put good music on and started cooking for the coming week. We'll join rehearsals tomorrow and the days at work will be full and long for quite some weeks and I'll be happy to have meals in the freezer.


100g butter (hard)
250ml flour (I used 100ml almond and 150ml spelt today, I sometimes mix wheat and spelt or just use wheat flour)
2tbsp cold water

Mix butter and flour with your fingers and add water. Line a round tin (26cm or smaller) with baking paper and spread the dough over the bottom and a little on the sides. Refrigerate while you prepare the fillings.

My favorite filling is bacon (about 300g, cut and fried), onion (one, cut and glazed) and chantarelles. I also make spinach feta quiche often, using 200g of goat milk feta and 500g fresh spinach (blanched for about a minute in boiling water). Today I had a go on what I had in the fridge which was 250g spinach, 170g bacon, some sundried tomatoes and an onion. I cut and fried the bacon and the onion, added the fresh spinach to the pan and last the tomatoes. (Could've added some parmesan.)

200ml cream
100ml whole milk
3 eggs

Pour your fillings on the dough and pour the cream-milk-egg mixture over the fillings. Bake in 200 celsius for 35-40 minutes.

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  1. Ihanan näköinen piirakka! nam! Kiitos tästä päivästä. <3